"Attempting to bring Cree artists and artisans out
of obscurity and into the Canadian and world
markets, a meeting was arranged in the spring of
2003 in Ouje-Bougoumou by the Cree Regional
Authority, organized by Alfred Loon, Economic
Development Officer for the Grand Council of the
Crees' CRA, and Melisa Pash, Arts and Craft
On the right picture, "Mr Loon shows off some of
the work done by the Whapmagoostui Art Factory.
Jolene Gilpin and Ruthanna Martin are two 14
years old members of the art factory, part of the
school activity in Whapmagoostui. They represent
the art factory at the artisans meeting in
Ouje-Bougoumou." Extract from Air Creebec
Destination, Summer 2003.
Ceramic Arena Mural
Sheila Rupert
Chris Martin
Terry Mamianskum
Robert Kawapit
William Gilpin.
Design: Pat Ekomiak
In 1999, on its first year of operation,
the Whapmagoostui Art Factory  was
awarded the First Price at the regional
level of the "Concours des Prix Essor".
This early achievement was made
possible by our partners, those who
gave us a chance to show what we
were capable of. We want to say to
them: Thank you! For details, see
Essor 1999 on Youtube.  
The Whapmagoostui Art Factory in Ouje-Bougoumou.