Patrick Menarick
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Roselle Natachequan
Sold $20
A long time ago, geese were black. It could rest on water without
being seen. One day, the water froze. The geese couldn't hide
anymore. So it spreaded its wings and all the black feathers
detached themselves leaving only white feathers. To remember
this day, we can still see black feathers on its tail.
Brian Kawapit
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Every spring, every Cree family goes goose hunting. They
set up a camp close to water so they can see the geese
coming for rest. In the teepee, the women cook the geese
for everyone. In the morning, all the members of the family
gather in the teepee to talk and laugh. It's going to be a
nice  day !
Sandra Masty
Individual Path of Learning is a special secondary  program design for students who spend half
of the school year in the bush, on their family hunting ground. On this page, they wish to share
with you some of the legends depicted on their art pieces
A bear walking along a river was very hungry. To
catch more fish, he told himself :" If I could stand on a
log, I would catch  more fish ". So he pushed a tree
down, walked on it and got many fishes to eat. He
was not hungry anymore.
One spring, there was a lot of geese on the marsh. Away
from the others, there was a little lonely goose all by itself.
The other geese used to be mean to it. The little goose flew
away from the other geese.
One day, a hunter and his wife were walking facing North. They
stopped at a place called Whapmag, because there was a lot of
whales at the mouth of the river. They built a teepee and they
started a family. From that time, a new village, having the name of
Whapmagoostui, was born.
Justin Pepabano
IPL Digital Portfolio